Neem Scheme To Enhance Your Employability

National Employability Enhancement Mission – NEEM Scheme is a nationwide skills enhancement initiative of Government of India. AICTE is responsible for proper planning and coordinated development of the technical education and management education system in India. All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has issued National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM) Regulation. This scheme facilitate students’ efforts to cope up with new industrial culture. Basically, this program is targeting enhancement of employability among individuals who are pursuing graduation or have discontinued or completed a diploma or graduation in any technical or non-technical field.

Once anyone completes the course, they’ll feel more confident as you apply for jobs. Your CV will look sharper and look more attractive to employers. When you go to interviews, you’ll feel more assured of yourself and ready to take on new jobs. But for unskilled youth there is no job, because they don’t know actually how these theory can be implemented in the real world with real equipments. The NEEM Scheme has social perspective the most perfect way to teach any subject is giving the students on job training and at the same time providing him / her the relevant theory knowledge of the subject concerned.

In order to become a NEEM trainee, a candidate should be either pursuing a diploma / degree course or completed a diploma / degree course or discontinued studies of diploma / degree course. The trainees are also entitled to a stipend. inducted through the “Earn & Learn” mode under the ‘National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM)’ that’s part of Government’s Skill India mission.

In this scheme candidates get an opportunity to learn a job skill and earn an employment after completion of their degree courses. They gain quality work experience, with reputed organizations. They get a chance to work on advanced machines and equipment facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills, experience and desirable attitude which help them get a remunerative job or explore opportunities of self-employment. Candidates as a NEEM trainee undergoes extensive training in an industry, which would enhance his employability. Periodic reviews and feedback to the trainee and MPTA so as to improve learning. Practice makes a man perfect.

After completion of On Job Training & working experience students becomes a preferred choice of any recruiter in the coming year. Employers, are looking for candidates who really stand out and having a professional qualification that encompasses exams, ethics and experience. What may be holding you back is not your experience level, but how you present it that counts for a company.

This scheme facilitating the youth to cope up with the coming challenges in the industry. This scheme is the apparent learning curve between the education imparted and imbibing on-ground skills that can be utilized in the industry. The trainee will be able to explore his / her subject preferences and develop it into a career. If trainees learned about a specific technique in the classroom, they are able to test it out in the world of work. Then they will be much more equipped with the technique.

The objective of this Scheme is to build up capacities in youth, enable and empowering them to compete in the industrial environment. Looking at the poor job availability in the market, it is necessary to provide opportunities for the students to start their own enterprise or can do job in the company.

Hence, it is imperative to have programmes like NEEM which provides technical training and enhances skill development by giving right kind of exposure and knowledge to candidates. Focus of this scheme is to create a right set of talent pool for the candidates and industry.