Best Way to Prepare Your Free Online Resume

Perhaps you have received resume writing instructions at some point in your training. Maybe you took a class.

It’s great but think back. Despite all the previous instructions, what do you really remember?

If you are like most people, probably not a lot. This is the number one reason you need to research before you sit down to write or edit your professional document with an online resume builder.

Prepare to write your free online resume first and you will get a better document – a document that better represents you during the job search process.

Prepare for resume writing with research

Doing your research before writing will help you stand out from potential employers as a well prepared and competent candidate.

Here are some key areas to research before you begin:

1. Research free online resume templates for your industry

Depending on your industry, your document will be unique to what you do. For example, a salesperson will have a different resume model than the technology one.

Before submitting your document, be sure to use a template that best reflects your experience and training. Each industry has different formats tailored to the type of work and training required to progress. The model that suits you will ensure that the employer first sees the most important and relevant information.

2. Search each company

Do not send a general document to each company. Instead, you should research what each employer is looking for in candidates and prepare the corresponding application materials.

This means that you have to go directly to the hiring manager in your cover letter and highlight the skills the company is looking for in your additional information.

3. Find common mistakes to avoid

Careful research can also help you avoid mistakes that could make you a “pass” instead of being placed at the top of the “yes” stack.

For example, the company may specifically want a long academic online resume instead of a classic resume. Of course, if you send it, you will look bad to follow the instructions. Do extensive research on the company and its requirements to avoid such errors.


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