About Conference

The Civil Engineering Department of IIT Roorkee was established in 1847 as Roorkee College of Engineering, the first graduate engineering college in whole of British empire at that time. This year department is celebrating its 170 years of Civil Engineering education in India in conjunction with 60 years of post-graduate Geomatics Engineering education. As a part of this august celebration, Geomatics Engineering group of Civil Engineering Department, IIT Roorkee is organizing an international conference to highlight the role of Geomatics in Civil Engineering.
Over the years, Civil Engineering has grown tremendously. It requires variety of data and tools to solve the wide range of technical and societal problems. Geomatics Engineering, using geo-spatial information, engineering principles and relational data structures involving measurement sciences, is capable of providing exciting and new vistas of solutions for pure and applied problems. It involves a wide range of technology/ tools such as Total stations, GNSS, UAS, Laser Technology, Spectro-radiometry, Radar-grametry, GIS etc. It makes use ground based, air as well as space-borne (visible, NIR, FIR, TIR, microwave data in panchromatic, multi-spectral, hyperspectral, ultra-spectral bands) data. Out of the growth and development in geomatics engineering, many ingenious data and methods are being evolved which may be implemented in different domains of Civil engineering. It is envisaged that a renaissance in Civil Engineering lies in application of the resurgent Geomatics engineering. So, as an pioneering effort, the theme of the conference is being chosen as “GEOMATICS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING”.
The aim of this conference is to provide a platform to researchers and field engineers working on application of Geomatics engineering (surveying, photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS, GPS) in civil engineering (structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydraulics & water resources engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering) and to flourish the dimensions of the theme of the conference.