Structural Deformation;  Structural Health Monitoring –  vibration, Image analyses;  Non-destructive testing – Concepts, Analysis & Data from RS & DIP.  Construction – Staking out, Monitoring status –  RT process/ progress; Location and dimension – measurement & verification;  Inventory of resources for construction materials (Boulders, Quarry rocks, Sand, Limestone etc.), Laser monitoring of structure etc and any other novel applications.

Foundation settlement; Understudy – GPR; Terrain Mapping – DTM/DEM; Landform study; Soil classes; Soil Moisture content; Landslide Study, Surface deformation study etc. and any other novel applications.

Hydraulic Structure – site investigation, planning, construction, monitoring, management etc., Basin & Inter basin- reconnaissance, characterization, flow  &  reservoir study, siltation,  irrigation, water harvesting, conservation measures etc;  Flood study – forecast, monitoring, management, mapping and damage assessment etc. Snow study – mass balance, glacier mapping, glacial lake outbursts etc; Hydrosphere for sustainable developments; Climate Change – impact on streamflow and sediment yield and many other areas and any other novel application.

Solid waste management; Water/ Air Quality monitoring, assessment etc.;  rural/ urban environment problems etc.; Noise pollution. Remote Sensing and Synergic Analysis on Atmospheric Environment, Environmental study, and any other novel applications.

Planning, functional design, operation and management of facilities for any mode of transportation; Transportation Network Analysis; Optimal path analysis; Road safety; Intelligent Transportation Systems (APTS, ATMS, ATIS, ETTM, CVO etc) and any other novel applications.

Geomatics Data; Big geo-data analysis; applications of Geomatics Engineering for natural resource study for civil engineering projects; deficiency analysis of different civil infrastructures; societal benefits like evacuation and Disaster Assessment, Monitoring and Management etc and any other novel applications.